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Our messaging was fun and made me feel cosy as we were talking for real.

There are four main advantages to dating older European women: The last point is what made me curious, because who wants to “game” a girl and have to be methodical about every text you send when you can just lay back and let the girl do most of the work?

Estonia is a small country and most of it's population is related to Russia somehow I have friends who have married Estonian women since Russians are good with Indians Estonians should be like that too right ?

During my first trip to Poland, it was tough to find a single woman older than 25 in the club, but something happened in the proceeding three years to where the the night scene is now full of them.

The majority of Indo-European specialists support the Kurgan hypothesis, and the homeland of Proto-Indo-European proper in the Balkans around 5000 BC.

Although it has attracted substantive attention and discussions, the datings it proposes are at odds with the linguistic timeframe for Proto-Indo-European also known as the Armenian hypothesis.