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It’s faster and more precise, enabling you to easily create the exact reports you need.

Take a look: We’ve added new input filters that make it so you can quickly choose what to include in your report.

Want to see a report for your two most tracked Tasks? The Detailed Time Report previously grouped all results by Date.

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1 # The second word of the last command line that matches `foo'. History expansion is extremely versatile and powerful - but also a bit cryptic for the untrained eye. .o( man zshexpn | less -p '^HISTO.*ANSION$' ) See Hint: do you remember the fc section?

There seems to be a character limitation, when the configuration file is read. The rest of the line is read as a valid line of configuration.

The below will let you see if the calendar is doing F/B or not : zmmailbox -z -m [email protected] /Calendar Help: get Folder(gf) [opts] -v/--verbose verbose output It'll give a bunch of data, including: "is Excluded From Free Busy": false, To turn it off [0] or on [1], zmmailbox -z -m [email protected] /Calendar 0 Help: modify Folder Exclude Free Busy(mfefb) [0|1*] Ref: Will determine if an event has attendees but is missing an organizer. (in VEVENT) and error: previous event not closed B. For example, it checks if all attendees and organizers of an event on the calendar agree on start/stop times and occurrences of a meeting.

Normally, customers will delete the event and just recreate it with the information that is present from the output. Help output from ZCS 5.0.23 This command is used to update time zone changes in existing appointments for specific users or all users.

A rule file should first be created to run with this command.

I assume this is a static fgets() buffer overflowing (well, not "overflowing" but "splitting this into multiple lines") - not sure what the best fix would be, maybe just error out if the input line is too long? You might want to reconsider whether you really want to specify all these :-) I think we give an error.

In the push line that would degraded to a warning and we would still parse the rest of line.