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Turns out that even though Mia married Woody, she and her lover Frank Sinatra “never really broke up.” Mia never publicly confirmed that Ol’ Blue Eyes is Ronan’s father, but it’s hard to ignore his big, blue peepers…, there were a lot of questions about her mysterious past.And the biggest of all was the identity of her secret baby daddy, rumored to be famous fugitive and drug king pen Nathan ‘Nate’ Hill.The men initially carved out careers as respected merchant captains, but turned to piracy when a storm forced a stricken Spanish galleon filled with booty to seek refuge in the American seaport of Ocracoke in 1750.

Papers” fessed up on his Instagram account with the caption “I heard everybody looking for me? stirred up some old school drama when she revealed that Woody Allen might not be her son Ronan Allen’s father.First his ex-fiancee revealed that The Game her dad because her real one wasn’t around.Then right around Father’s Day, Madison’s real father started Instagramming shots of himself with Madison to let the world know he really was around… to keep him a secret because of his high-profile image.Promisingly, his cinematographer is the hugely accomplished Englishman Roger Deakins, 13 times an Oscar nominee.And Harrison Ford returns, just like he did in Star Wars, although Ryan Gosling will do most of the running and jumping. The Mexican festival Dia de los Muertos, or Day of the Dead, has inspired plenty of film-makers in recent years, not least Sam Mendes, who used it as the backdrop for a memorable pre-credits sequence in the Bond film Spectre.