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A stylish «devoushka» may reach out to her handbag with the intention to contribute to the bill, but this is only for show. Feminism is nice and decent, but it's usually left back at home, whenever «devouski» go to the supermarket.If there's two bags, a small and a large one, lying in front of you at the cash desk, then you totally should take both.The sound accompanying the video is a string of curses and profanity in which the men accuse her of having sexual relations with non-Kyrgyz men, specifically Uzbeks and Tajiks.

But the genre continues to creep onto the web with clips purportedly showing Kyrgyz migrant women in Russia being beaten by their male compatriots for allegedly shaming their nation.

Any other form of adress is not only going to confuse her, but rather even offend her. It's easy — your female companion is always expecting you to pay for dinner and drinks. Even, if you've ordered only one cup of tea and she chose five main courses with a dessert.

It is common in New York or Paris to split the bill, however in Moscow ladies see this as an act of tight-fistedness.

From the video, it appears that, before the beating begins, she had been riding on the same train as her attackers and that they had seen her speak to a man of another ethnic origin. "You don't respect Kyrgyz and that's why you sat in the train car in front of us, huh?

The men accuse her of deliberately ignoring them in order to flirt with foreigners. You saw us Kyrgyz guys and immediately stood up and left, right? If I see you with an Uzbek or a Tajik I'll flatten you, you understand?