G dragon and seungri dating

Koreaboo reports BIGBANG members all agree that G-Dragon is a person who really does not know how to handle a relationship.They even revealed how G-Dragon is good on giving relationship advices to the group but would always suck at dating. P said that in all honesty all of them in BIGBANG are really clueless on how to have a normal relationship.Once again, Big Bang are causing VIPs much excitement by dropping yet another tidbit about their personal love lives.Unfortunately, it's hard to believe G-Dragon though, considering he has never really explained what's going on with him and Kiko Mizuhara.I just feel that G Dragon need to stop doing gay fan service with Seungri. Does he know that he has a gay following in his fandom? G Dragon is a very disgusting person to use gay fan service with Seungri for popularity. G Dragon need to stop doing gay fan service it’s not a good look at the gay community in Seoul.

—– In fact, Dispatch has actually recently attached Sulli to this guy, saying the photos are from Valentine’s Day, which Sulli spent with her friends in a restaurant in Itaewon.

Earlier this month, some outlets speculated that a woman photographed leaving a club with Seungri was his girlfriend.

Official responses from YG Entertainment however revealed that Seungri did not ride in a car with the girl, and she was in fact a Chinese translator for the group.

It’s that GD sister Dami Harry Kim went to Las Vegas. I do believe that GD dating Seungri & Kiko at the same time. I think fan will still support him because look at Yoona & Sooyong.

Seungri been in Las Vegas first and you see picture of GD in a plane with them. However, I think is more to that of coming out as…him & Seungri.