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These cards conformed to a supplemental PCMCIA-ATA standard that allowed them to appear as more conventional IDE hard drives to the 95LX or a PC.

This had the advantage of raising the upper limit on capacity to the full 32M available under DOS 3.22 on the 95LX.

Based on our experiences with Foscam and feedback from end users we have launched our own new and improved line of wireless IP cameras and security systems under the Amcrest brand.

Working in partnership with the second largest security camera manufacturer in the world, Amcrest was founded with a deep commitment to end-user privacy and security, highly reliable software and hardware as well a seamless and intuitive user experience. If you are having trouble with your Foscam cameras, we sincerely apologize for this inconvenience and would love to help.

Many notebooks in the 1990s had two adjacent type-II slots, which allowed installation of two type-II cards or one, double-thickness, type-III card.

The cards were also used in early digital SLR cameras, such as the Kodak DCS 300 series.

San Disk (operating at the time as "Sun Disk") launched its PCMCIA card in October 1992.

The company was the first to introduce a writeable Flash RAM card for the HP 95LX (the first MS-DOS pocket computer).

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