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It is offered as a free service to anybody that can use it. Where questions seem especially important to clear up, we have added a little pop-up note to alert our visitors and ask for your help. Please advise on the status of this meeting") this may be a last attempt to make sure that a meeting is gone, before removing it from the lists, so informations is especially important. meetings is put together from many sources, including local and central office meeting directories, the listings of local clubs, and direct information from the groups and members involved.— The meeting format, if not clear from the group name, is shown separately. If not specified, assume open discussion/participation. — If only the format is known, the space for a group name is left blank. — To make finding the meetings easier, and out of respect for our hosts, we try to fully identify the locations in which we meet. E.g., while all Methodists are in fact “United”, the extra word often doesn't fit well in the lines.

A CDCR funded Visitor Center is at the institution operated by a community-based organization under contract to CDCR.

We will work diligently until you meet that special someone to share your life with.

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