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According to Radar Online, the R&B singer was “exposed” to the disease in 2009 or 2010, with uncovered reports of a “greenish discharge” once oozing from the performer’s genitalia during a romantic tryst.Radar Online goes on to report that Usher had unprotected sex without disclosing this information to his partner, leading to a transmitting of the disease and a subsequent lawsuit.Northampton (55) Londonderry (30) Manchester (13) Shirley (13) Concord (7) Greenfield (6) Nashua (5) New London (5) Peterborough (4) Putney (3) Stratton (3) Turners Falls (2) Shelburne Falls (2) North Adams (2) Acworth (2) Bennington (2) Charlemont (1) Amherst (1) Ashburnham (1) Woodstock (1) White River Junction (1) Williamsburg (1) Williamstown (1) Westford (1) Hadley (1) Hardwick (1) Harvard (1) Croydon (1) Derry (1) Fitchburg (1) Florence (1) Gardner (1) Plainfield (1) Manchester (1) Milford (1) Readsboro (1) Spencer (1) Show 27 more...He has faced numerous allegations of being involved with underage girls and his reputation has long overshadowed his career achievements. Kelly is not worried about what people have to say with reports the 49-year-old singer is dating a woman 30 years his junior.“I’m not even a big TV guy, so for the most part, I was going into it blind and just enjoying the experience.” “I had some people get my ear about it,” Kelce said, when asked if he needed any prodding to go on the show.“But for the most part, it was my decision.” Kelce said he hasn’t seen the final cut of the show yet, but he’s happy with what he thinks he put on camera.Neither have confirmed their relationship, but Halle has posted a number of pictures of herself hanging out with R. #Kingof R&B #kells.'Blog Gossip This was the first to report that the pair were dating and claims R.Kelly meet Halle after one of his concerts back in February - which she attended with her mother.

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