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Historical fire regimes in the semi-arid shrublands of southern Western Australia are poorly understood, largely owing to a lack of quantitative historical data.We sought to determine the dendroecological potential of fire-sensitive trees from known fire areas in the Lake Johnston region in southern Western Australia.The cross-dated chronology showed a relatively high inter-series correlation in ring width ( has significant dendroecological potential to accurately date past fire events and that this approach will assist in extending fire-history records beyond recent decades for much of southern semi-arid Australia.Historical archaeologists and others trying to date historical sites by means of the artifacts found on them are increasingly interested in common items manufactured during the lifetimes of people still living.New analytical methods model change in substitution rates along individual branches of a phylogenetic tree by combining molecular data with time constraints, usually from fossils.These ‘relaxed clock’ approaches can be applied to several gene regions that need not all have the same substitution rates, and they can also incorporate multiple simultaneous fossil calibrations.Since 1995, at least 100 plant biogeographic studies have used molecular-clock dating, and about a fifth has used relaxed clocks.Many of these report evidence of long-distance dispersal.

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Knowing the tenure of lineages within a region is key to understanding the evolution of traits, the evolution of biotic interactions, and the evolution of floras.

1825: Aluminum first isolated (Encyclopedia Britannica 1973 (1): 693).

1855: Introduced in Paris Exposition (Encyclopedia Britannica 1973 (1): 693).

Our objective was to assess the capacity to date historical fires using stand establishment date as a proxy measure of time since fire.

We measured stem basal diameter and height and collected stem sections of 35 years), which were used to create a master chronology to assist with dating of seedlings and saplings.