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Fan IQ has an updated rundown of the many female conquests by NHL players: From Elisha Cuthbert to Anna Kournikova to that adorable Donna Jo "D.

J." Tanner from "Full House." What you'll find is that musicians make up a surprising portion of the list: Kellie Pickler, Hilary Duff, Willa Ford and, of course, Paris Hilton.

He was also suffering from the devastating split from his wife.

Shania wrote on her website of Thiebaud last year: 'We leaned on one another through the ups and downs, taking turns holding each other.

According to the Toronto Sun, there's a chance we may add another name to the music side of the dating history: Country star, and proud Canadian lass, Shania Twain is rumored to be dating Toronto Maple Leafs goalie Curtis Joseph.

From the Sun: Hey, Cujo, you old dog, whose bed have your boots been under?

We've become closer and and stronger through it all'.

By the summer of 2009, their friendship had turned into love.

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Frederic Thiebaud, 40, was married to Shania's best friend and house manager Marie-Anne Thiebaud, who is now living with Lange.

Marie-Anne was an employee of Shania's and looked after her 46-room château in Switzerland.