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I love you my sweet baby girl and am so grateful to be your Mom! Leave your life of sin." #addressthemess POWERFUL message today at @northpointcommunitychurch from @clayscroggins Clay has an amazing gift of teaching Truth in love!I know a mess, when I see a mess; because I am one! Part 2 was petty awesome today #For Gwinnett #Adress The Mess #Thought IShare APortion Of Todays Note #Happy Sunday To Nicodemus, Zaccheus, the Samaritan woman at the well, to the thief on the cross, to the woman caught in adultery and to all of us in the middle of a mess of our own making, Jesus offers himself as the solution. and with pastor bust out singing Confessions from Usher??' You say, 'I wish to enter Old Sebilis.' Emperor Ganak says, 'An adventurer that wishes to enter the inner city of Sebilis you say??There are only two ways in, either the [glowing orb] in the heart of the ruins in the outer city, or via one of the tortured souls that wanders the jungles nearby.' You say, 'How do I use the glowing orb?Update Star Free and Update Star Premium come with the same installer.

I have this idol and will give it to you, but only if you give me two [medallions] representing the Iksar tribes of old.' You say, 'What of the medallions?

THE PLANE OF WAR: Access Quests: #1 - Field of Strife & Mines | #2a - Castle Rulnavis | #2b - Castle Tamrel | #3 - The Grandmaster's Tower Castle Rulnavis Quests: #1 - Defending the Castle | #2 - A Colossal Task | #3 - Tactical Strike Castle Tramrel Quests: #1 - The Tamrel Trials | #2 - A New Colonel In Town | Edmuund's Plight Quests in the Mines: Katka's Cause | Deserving of Battle Named Spawns & Locations: Hunter of the Plane of War Castle Faction Quests: Castle Rulnavis | Castle Tamrel | Escape to Tamrel This is a quest advanced via character flags. This quest grants you access to the Field of Strife (the southern half of the open area in the zone) and the mines (entered through the lava tunnel in the basement of the Plane of Tactics).

Summary Speak with the sphinx named Etsinthinikonarifet (click for map image), located in the Plane of War at the large gateway due south of the zone-in.

#Unpacking #My First Home #Office #Guest Bedroom #Address The Mess Scored front row seats @northpointcommunitychurch this morning.

Always a positive experience listening to @andy_stanley in the house of God.