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Rapid responses are electronic letters to the editor. Is this any different from the diagnosis of clinical depression or PTSD?

They enable our users to debate issues raised in articles published on Inconsistency amongst experienced clinicians is not unusual in these so-called "established diagnoses". Yes, the current understanding of the condition is grounded in conceptualizations of the illness as a childhood disorder. But the skill in making the diagnosis is identifying which symptoms are related to comorbidity and which symptoms are explained on the basis of underlying ADHD.

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Although a selection of rapid responses will be included online and in print as readers' letters, their first appearance online means that they are published articles. Genetic data utilizing twin studies and adoption studies done both in North America and internationally has established that ADHD is a highly heritability condition. Not difficult when one has seen several individuals referred for problems related to the condition.

If you need the url (web address) of an individual response, perhaps for citation purposes, simply click on the response headline and copy the url from the browser window. Increasing evidence from neuro-imaging studies in ADHD implicates structural and functional alterations both in the frontostriatal circuitry and other regions most notably in the cerebellum and the parietal lobes providing evidence of an abnormal neurophysiological substrate for observed deficits in executive function affecting both children and adults.(1) The authors’ comments regarding ADHD being an invention of the pharmaceutical industry flies in the face of both historical clinical descriptions and longitudinal follow-up experience. Major follow-up studies of children with ADHD demonstrate functional impairment of children followed up into their adult years. Developmental course and outcome of children with ADHD, and ADHD in calligraphy and adults. Overdiagnosis is a concern for all psychiatrists and the legion of individuals diagnosed with schizophrenia within the prison system bears testament to this.