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Some 55% of Dutch expats think the Dutch have become ruder since they left the country.Phrases saying hello or goodbye differ between regions, but are generally understood everywhere.Once you put a ring on her finger, all of this will change.

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No need for the Red Quarter.” Dutch Women go to office whithout make up in jeans and knitted sweaters, also in local politics were the men are in suits you see women whit absolute no dress sense at all! They have in general rough attitudes and are very unfriendly and afraid of things out of the box, they make me sad. Like all women they are mostly passive, but when that dream guy comes along she might go that extra mile to get noticed.

When leaving people shake hands again and thank the person in question for the visit/meeting/etc.

Dutch women find Dutch guys dull, so as a foreigner you might stand a good chance to start dating one of these tall, independent women.

The author Colleen Geske stated in her book Stuff Dutch people like that "Dutch people consider the English or American forms of politeness a sign of weakness, and reeking of insincerity and hypocrisy . Research for Dutch world service radio concluded that just over half of the Dutch people living abroad consider their compatriots at home less well-mannered than other nationalities.

In particular, waiters, teenagers and shop staff score badly.