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Although no one’s going to go there, the implication seemed to be that the brief and messy Brock Osweiler era of 2016 was not a calm time at the quarterback position for Houston. He’s been in our offense now for four years, got a really good arm, great arm talent. And those games that he came in at the end of [last] year, he managed the game well.

Now the Texans are in good shape no matter who wins it, and if it takes Watson time to wrest the job from Savage, they feel comfortable with Savage in the meantime. Cincinnati, we had to win that game to win the division, and he helped us win it.

Clips of the news reports on his arrest have seen renewed interest on the internet since then, fooling many into thinking it happened recently.

According to a report from , Johnson and two others were outside a supermarket in Baker, Louisiana on May 3 when they confronted a man named Richard Phillips, who was passing out party fliers in the parking lot.

WHITE SULPHUR SPRINGS, West Virginia — If you judged the Houston Texans by their words and actions this summer, you could convince yourself that there isn’t a quarterback competition.

As of Friday, Tom Savage had taken every first-team rep in practice throughout training camp, while rookie first-round pick Deshaun Watson had worked exclusively with the second team. Watson is the first-round pick for whom the Texans traded up. He’s the national college champion who knocked off Alabama in a stunning comeback seven months ago.

Work together as a team to overcome the obstacles and defeat your rivals.

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The first Savage introduced players to a completely new kind of game, blending elements of real time strategy, first-person shooter and role-playing into an alluring mix that can be described as the new Real Time Strategy Shooter (RTSS) gaming genre.

Download and play now in Survival Island 2017: Savage 2! “New year” event is over, but gifts and Christmas merchandise will remain on the island.

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It's not clear exactly what they began arguing over, but it ended with Johnson reportedly shooting Phillips in the chest. Johnson was arrested later that day, along with the vehicle's two other passengers, and was charged with second-degree murder, illegal use of a weapon, and obstruction of justice.

"Johnson admitted to shooting the victim, claiming it was self defense, but his accounts did not match up with the video footage the police had of the shooting," said the report. When contacted by Complex, a rep for the Criminal Records Department for Louisiana's 19th Judicial District noted that Johnson is currently out on bond, and that there hasn't been any update to the case since he was released.