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Brenda is disturbed by Nate's reaction to her latest news; Ruth shares her feelings about George with her knitting circle; David and Keith 'propose' to Mary and meet Roger's equally unconventional family; Rico is shocked at how Vanessa and the boys are doing; frustrated, George shares a beer and a song with Billy; and Nate comes home to an unpleasant surprise. Claire is seduced by Billy's lust for life but hits a roadblock trying to fund the next leg of her educational journey; George is haunted by visions of an early trauma; Brenda feels at home with her new supervisor Jackie; David and Keith meet a fertile young woman named Mary; Vanessa encourages Rico to mingle, so he does--at a funeral directors' conference.The following ideas is likely to be worth focusing on to you as you enjoy having a good and successful time: Last minute speed is definitely an opponent of any effective plan.

All these people are legit old enough to have HAD teenagers.6. I've lived here seven years and the only yellow school bus I've ever seen was filled Orthodox Jewish lawyers.7. How soon do you think James Franco started aggressively moisturizing his face after first meeting Willem Dafoe? Is there anything more tragic than early 2000s Kirsten Dunst waving at someone behind you? LOLOLOLOLOL is there anything more hilarious than Willem Dafoe telling his rich white attractive son to be proud of who he is and where he comes from?

Ruth happily helps 'circle the wagons' when Sarah calls; David and Keith discover it's hard work playing house with Anthony and his brother Durrell; Nate muses on the loss of his first love; Claire finds a temporary financial solution; Vanessa hires a nanny with unexpected talents; Rico gets an offer he can't believe--or refuse.

David and Keith struggle to create parent-child boundaries; When Brenda and Nate get some ambiguous news, it confirms their views on life and death; Ruth fills her schedule with activities, but has trouble unwinding; Claire meets an interesting guy at work, and makes an effort to fit in; Margaret lets a cat out of the bag; and George drops a bomb on Ruth.

the werewolf from True Blood as Kirsten Dunst's boyfriend?

Dear Redshirt who dissed Dafoe's formula, you know you're going to die now right? Am I supposed to find Tobey Maguire attractive now that he has muscles? OMG TOBEY MAGUIRE AND KIRSTEN DUNST ARE NEIGHBORS IN THIS MOVIE?