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It's a small Windows application that will download and update an ipfilter list for use in Bit Torrent clients.

If you don't want e Mule to remembercancelled files, disable the "Remember cancelled files" option in the preferences.

Saves all options set in the Options dialog and information about visual details like column size etc.

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All in all, it becomes pretty clear that Exil IPFilter Updater Portable is a pretty efficient piece of software which does not put a strain on the system’s performance.This may prevent a file from completing properly or the file being totally corrupted. The IP-Ranges to filter are stored in a file named which is saved in e Mule's install folder.This blacklist has the following format: # Example of a "ipfilter.dat" file # # All entered IP ranges will be blocked in e Mule for both Up- and Downloading # Be extremely careful what you enter here.Currently u Torrent, Bit Torrent and q Bittorrent are supported out of the box, but you can also configure other applications to pick up the downloaded list.An ipfilter list is a simple (but usually very large) list of addresses and ranges of malicious peers that will transmit junk data (i.e.