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(Photo Credit: Youtube/Fresno Bee) As they grew older, Violet began suffering from dementia while Floyd was diagnosed with kidney failure in January 2014. 11, surrounded by friends and family, 90-year-old Floyd and 89-year-old Violet passed away — holding hands in their adjacent Hospice beds — just five hours apart in Fresno, Calif.

The actress, now 84, made 10 films with her late husband, actor-director John Cassavetes — including two films for which she received best actress Oscar nominations, Oh, I saw every Bette Davis picture I could lay my hands on, 20 times.It came down to the fact that they didn’t know me and I didn’t know them well enough. Go out and do something for the sponsor of deodorants? Or as he himself put it, “I went to New York and took pictures with child molesters then called their agent”.After a series of re-shoots for Shadows left him ,000 in debt, Cassavetes was in desperate need of some income if he was ever going to fund the film’s editing and 35mm blow-up costs. Making A Child Is Waiting was like drowning painlessly. Shadows kept haunting me all the time I was trying to make like this big Hollywood director…If it was written black on white, I would read it' - and her parents.'Did you ever see The Thin Man, with Myrna Loy and William Powell?