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No more client/server – just a network of peers, all equal.

Imagine a video site like You Tube, where visitors help to host the site's content.

The app supports text messaging, audio and video chatting.

It’s officially launching on Android now, though it’s been soft launched there since September, and on i OS since February 2015. Active users are 1.2 million at this point (off of 1.5M downloads), and co-founder 148 languages, including 11 sign languages — and a few less conventional (tongue-in-cheek) tongues, such as Emoji, Dothraki and Klingon.

The point of the platform is to connect and match strangers so they can practice whatever language/s they each want to learn, with the app showing native speakers learners of their own language — so you can both help and be helped.

Users are encouraged to put a few words on their profile about their interests, what language or aspect of language they want to learn, and what they want to speak about (or who they want to speak to). And that’s about it — it’s basically a messaging app where you’re encouraged to connect with fellow language learners to practice through the digital spectrum of chat.