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In Pakistan, use of mud has evolved from local necessity.Which is why the use of extremely sticky mud deposited found along river banks or elsewhere in Pakistan combined with appropriate technology makes an excellent material to build functional and climate friendly buildings.If the area below is empty, there is not currently curriculum under validation.~ 上海人 Longtang (弄堂) is a colloquial term for lilong (里弄), a neighborhood of lanes populated by houses which had evolved since its creation from 1842 to about 1949, coinciding with the Western presence in this port city.Urban cores have aged, prompting the need for interior renovation of still viable building shells.

We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website.Mud is especially useful in humid and hot climates like we have in Pakistan.Mud is a natural material that is found in abundance, especially where other building materials such as bricks, stone or wood are scarce due to affordability and or availability.Each of our four campuses is strategically located in California's entertainment, fashion, and action sports industry and business hubs.FIDM's Career Center team has exceptional connections within our industries and offers one-on-one targeted career planning and placement services.